Growth Equityfor ConsciousConsumer Brands.

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Where we‘ve invested


Conscious consumer brands create enduring value through quality, trust and purpose. These characteristics are the definition of evergreen values.

Evergreen (adj.) / ˈɛv ərˌgrin /: retaining freshness or interest; universally and continually relevant; not limited to a particular event or date.

What we invest in


The brands in our portfolio are trailblazers, focused on values-driven innovation and transformative growth.

We seek investments that meet the following criteria:

  • Minority or majority positions, focused on companies with revenues of at least $20 million and strong margin profiles.
  • Investment size from $15 million to $50 million.
  • Board representation for the duration of our investment.
  • Opportunities to apply our direct experience in :
  • Better-for-you food & beverage
  • Sustainable home & lifestyle
  • Restaurants
  • Clean beauty & personal care
  • Health & wellness
  • Enthusiast categories
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How we invest


We believe successful conscious consumer brands build greater equity value over time while they create positive change for people and the planet.

  • Stewardship


    We invest as stewards of great brands. We believe in aligning on strategic goals at the beginning of each partnership and we understand, based on experience, that even the best-laid plans must evolve and adapt in response to market forces, brand evolution and competitive threats.

  • Effectiveness


    We invest out of a single pool of long term capital, so we are fully committed to every brand in our portfolio and actively support leadership teams to overcome challenges and stretch for opportunities. We provide resources for growth and strive to focus on the key strategies that drive equity value.

  • Responsibility

    Cooperation & Social

    Our commitment to ESG is integral to our investment philosophy. We see ESG as a framework to build better brands in today’s market and we engage with each leadership team to support development of their ESG priorities. We are focused on driving progress in line with these priorities, which we believe enhance brand value over time. In NextWorld Evergreen’s approach, ESG is an act of value creation.

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Our ecosystem


We invest capital and engage with companies to improve their impact, reinvesting profits in philanthropic organizations that drive change.

NextWorld Evergreen is the flagship investment strategy for NextWorld, an integrated capital organization that combines investment and nonprofit activities in one ecosystem. NextWorld Evergreen is dedicated to generating investment returns to increase the capacity of NextWorld’s philanthropic initiatives focused on climate change, conservation of natural resources, and improving the livelihoods of the most vulnerable.

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Who’s on the team


Every member of the NextWorld Evergreen team is committed to shared organizational values and goals.

We strive every day to deliver for the benefit to NextWorld’s stakeholders, including the brands in our portfolio. We believe in a low-ego team culture, are focused on delivering results and strive to show up as effective partners.

Our organization includes investment professionals, ESG experts, finance and operations teams, and a network of operating partners and advisors who provide insight and counsel to our portfolio companies and for our investment activities.

  • Investment
  • ESG
  • Fund Finance & Operations
Scott Donohue
Scott DonohuePartner
Andrea Freedman
Andrea FreedmanOperating Partner
Seb Lepinard
Seb LepinardManaging Partner
Tiffany Obenchain
Tiffany ObenchainPartner
Eric Sipf
Eric SipfVice President
Christina Yu
Christina YuPrincipal
Marie-Elodie Bazy
Marie-Elodie BazyDirector of ESG
Paola Halley
Paola HalleyESG Associate
Fund Finance & Operations
Nancy Aquino
Nancy AquinoExecutive Operations
Craig Colen
Craig ColenFinance Associate
Alan Liu
Alan LiuAssistant Controller
Antonio Martinez
Antonio MartinezExecutive Assistant
Brendon Milla
Brendon MillaOperations Manager
Teling Peterson
Teling PetersonChief Financial Officer
Robert Smith
Robert SmithOffice Coordinator

Organizations we support

Learn more

We’re interested in connecting with leaders of conscious consumer brands or investors who share our interest in trailblazing brands. You can contact us here or to learn more see our recent news.